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B’I’nary ‘i’nsight!

31 Dec

The single letter word I pretty much summarises why humans are such a screwed up species.

Always written in capitals, anywhere in a sentence, it symbolises the every rising ego, by standing tall, like a sore thumb.

That’s why, it’s so hard to contemplate the simplest – and needless to say very elegant and exceptionally eloquent – essential question thay may lead one to eternal wisdom, offered by the Sage of AruNAchalA BhagavAn RamaNa Maharishi, “Who am I?”

It’s so hard to get past one’s simple name, when one asks the question him/erself isn’t it!

Equally intriguing is it’s nondescript non-capital form “i”, which can come to the rescue of the increasingly frustrated ones who struggle to get over its towering capital big brother. Since the much humbler “i” is probably the solution to all the misery caused by the ignorant arrogance of it’s irritable big brother, let’s look at it in a bit more detail.

Unlike the adamant tall “I”, the humbler “i” is actually made of two parts, which may even be considered as the two states of binary “1” & “0”, which has been interpreted in a million different ways in different cultures such as “Shakthi” & “ShivA”, “Yang” & “Yin”, “On” & “Off”, “Ecstasy” & “Stillness”, “PrAkrithi” & “PurushA”, “Individual Self” & “Supreme Self”, “Pashu” & “Pathi”, “Everything” & “Nothing”, “AgnAna” & “GnAna”, “Thing” & “No-Thing”, “PingalA” & “IdA”, “Thought” & “Silence”, “AvidhyA” & “VidhyA”, “Intellect” & “Intelligence”, “MAyA” & “Reality”, “Manifest” & “Unmanifest”, “Oneness” & “Allness”, “Exclusion” & “Inclusion”, “Incomplete” & “Complete”, “Partial” & “Whole”, “Knowledge” & “Knowing”, “Darkness” & “Light”, and so on and on and on.

Going from the never ending quest of being the “1” in everything one does for mere survival, to the state of acceptance that all that one does is utterly pointless unless one realises the true purpose of Life, i.e. becoming the “0”, is the journey called Life. Since realising this Truth is the purpose – not a Goal, which is what hilarious humans are driven to, in anything & everything – the emphasis in Spirituality is always on the journey and not the destination, because there isn’t any.

And the possibility for that realisation opens up only when the head full if “I”, i.e. the “0” on top of the “1” is chopped off and rolls away, so that this “1” being realises that it isn’t an individual being at all – despite all the name, fame, religion, caste, social status, wealth, power, etc.  but just another being in the vast myriad creation, all of which is a part of the whole of “0”.

Time to pick up the gnAna axe and swing your way up above the mighty looking ignorant “I” mountain, with the newly gained Binary “i”nsight as your climbing guide, and proceed towards the self-realisation summit, eh! 


7 Lively Sins!

8 Feb

7DeadlySins11It won’t be a far-fetched to guess that you might know well what the 7 Deadly Sins are! In case it was indeed far-fetched, they are Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy & Pride. They originate from western school of thought and are very closely tied with the morality and values preached by the church.

Obviously, there are also eastern versions.

Se7en7The Sanskrit one is Arishadvarga, the six passions, i.e., kama — lust, krodha — anger, lobh — greed, moha — delusory emotional attachment or temptation, mada or ahankara — pride, hubris & matsarya — envy, jealousy. This is naturally associated with Sanatana Dharma.

The Buddhist version is 5 Kleshas (poisons), viz, Moha or Avidya – ignorance, Raga – attachment, Dvesha – aversion, Mana – pride and Irshya – jealousy.

The Sikh version is Panj Dosh or Panj Vikar (5 inner thieves), i.e., kaam (lust), krodh (rage), lobh (greed), moh (attachment) and hankaar (ego). 

7DeadlySins21The moment one hears about sins, the imaginary image of hell occupies the mind in 4K with Dolby Atmos sound! But if one chooses to wear the ‘Think Opposite’ hat, then the whole perspective of Sins takes a U-turn…

Note: The definitions of 7 deadly sins were taken from Wikipedia, but the narration about them is Swamy’s.


The deadly version of Lust is an intense desire for money, food, fame, power, or sex. 

7DeadlySins8Why does one have an intense desire? To have more and more of it!

Why is the desire for more material possessions a sin? Because, it could be at the expense of someone else. 

For more money, a businessperson may be sucking the wind out many workers who slog to produce more for less.

For more food, a hoarder may be denying morsels of food from the hungry.

For more fame, a popular person may be consciously shaming an opponent or competitor.

For more power, a leader may be trampling on a million feet of supporters or climbing over a thousand shoulders that acted as ladders for his ascent.

For more sex, a horny one may be physically & mentally hurting a multitude of the opposite or same gender.

So, it’s quite understandable why Lust got shortlisted as a top sin!


The deadly version of Gluttony is the over-indulgence and over-consumption of anything to the point of waste.

JabbaHutt2It’s a known (and comfortably ignored) fact that pretty much any human indulges in things, irrespective of whether they can afford them or not.

A top-of-the-line smartphone might get replaced with a new one, as soon as the EMI is paid off, despite the fact that the (not so) older model still works fine and has more features (and apps) than necessary. Without the new one shining in the hand (and pocket or clutch), how can one brag during coffee breaks! Same applies to many expensive white and brown goods too.

And as if the variety of food cooked at home or bought from or eaten at nearby restaurants isn’t sufficient, it’s essential that occasional visits to fine-dining restaurants are done, with family or friends. The more the merrier!


The deadly version of Greed is an inordinate desire to acquire or possess more than one needs, especially with respect to material wealth.

AgentSmith1Take for example the atrociously expensive immovable thing called property. It won’t be a surprise to see young, aspiring professionals to invest in one property after another, sometimes without even closing the previous property’s EMI!

Why? As a proud parent of (minimum) two children (one in each gender preferred, of course), isn’t it one’s responsibility to ensure each child has a property when (s)he grows up? And obviously the parents need one each, even though the sole purpose of holy matrimony is to declare them as one, not two!

Similarly, having a FullHD TV that was newly launched last year suddenly appears obsolete, when one’s neighbour or colleague has purchased a gleaming new 4K TV. This despite the fact most broadcast TV programs are not even FullHD yet and there’s hardly any 4K content available to watch.

A two year old car gets outdated as soon as the friendly neighbourhood auto dealer calls and offers a special (paltry) corporate discount and salivating exchange offer (to meet his monthly, quarterly or annual target), despite the fact there’s hardly any pay hike on the horizon to meet the additional expense!

In other words, it’s the XXL version of lust + gluttony. Kinda like Most & More!


The deadly version of sloth is defined as laziness or as a failure to do things that one should do.

WarlockDieHard2Who wants to rush to work, unless one must catch the subsidized company transport?

Who wants to help a student (who probably missed the public transport because [s]he lacks the ability to morph into jelly to squeeze into the 342 passengers already crammed into the rickety old bus that may breakdown anytime) asking for a ride to write the board exam?

Who wants to feed the hungry strays near one’s home, when one can stretch on the couch to watch the never-ending soap drama with the ever-repeating word-wars between members of a family, with pretty much every single one hates everyone else and schemes for their downfall?

Who wants to save the life of one accident victim, when hundreds die on the hazardous roads everyday?

Who has time to exchange a few kind words with the gas station attendant who tirelessly fills petrol or diesel all day long or the traffic policeman who suffocates in exhaust fumes all day regulating traffic, without break?

Who cares to watch a little bird chirp or a blossom waft in the breeze or a calf mooing to locate its mother in the midst of never-ending line of racing riders & drivers?

That makes pretty much every human a sinner, most of who hardly like to get up when the alarm buzzes (or sings, in case it’s from that just launched smartphone or Bluetooth / NFC portable music player).


The deadly version of wrath, also known as rage, can be described as inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger.

Kamalhaasan33When it’s so easy to get enraged in the way we live, how can one not be wrathful is a Kaun Banega Crorepati question, which can’t be answered even after using all the life lines!

A biker cutting across from a non-existing lane, making one step on the brake, resulting in a hundred others honking from behind…

A traffic cop stopping the traffic on the side one has been waiting, letting every single vehicle on every other side go…

A gas station attendant who says ‘no stock’, after one drove into, parked the vehicle and popped open the fuel cap…

A stray pup frozen in fear of getting crushed in the middle of the road under a thousand wheels screaming across the narrow stretch of road…

A child who didn’t top his class in the monthly revision exam, despite the fact he may never use what’s on the question papers in his real Life (he’s in the 3rd grade, of course)…

Every single panelist in The News Hour, who keep testing the maximum audible limit of the TV viewer’s ear, trying to outshout #ArnabGoswami…

Heck, to be wrathful might even even qualify as one of the fundamental constitutional rights!


The deadly version of Envy is characterized by an insatiable desire. Envy is similar to jealousy in that they both feel discontent towards someone’s traits, status, abilities, or rewards. The difference is the envious also desire the entity and covet it.

Thor4In many ways, we’re defined by our envy. In other words, envy is the fuel that drives our own aspirations…

To occupy a bigger house than a friend, who somehow keeps buying bigger houses!

To own a larger TV than a neighbour, who changes his TV every other year!

To drive a bigger car than a colleague, who has a knack for trading his old one for a new one at great discount!

To watch a new movie at home instead of burning a hole in one’s wallet by visiting the multiplex before the boy/girl next door, who always seem to get a better quality (pirated, needless to say) DVD!

To be as fit as the early morning walkers, who, unlike oneself, incredibly get up at 5 and walk every single day!

To be as cheerful as the milk vendor, who seem to have totally forgotten how to get angry!

To be as carefree as the 3-legged stray, who sprints around the residential area without getting bogged down by either the lack of one leg or if she’ll get any food that day!

What’s not to envy when Life appears to have shortchanged one in more than one way!


The deadly version of Pride, or hubris, is considered the original and most serious of the seven deadly sins, and the source of the others.

Matrix7We take pride in a lot of things, though there’s apparently no valid reason to do so!

Pride in paying more tuition fee for graduating from a popular University, despite the stark fact that what was taught (nothing was ever learned, of course) there wasn’t in anyway useful for making a living.

Pride in arriving in a chauffeur driven car to work daily, despite it being the cheapest hatchback sold in the country.

Pride in boasting about a club membership, despite never using it in the past few years for any of the purposes mentioned in the 4 page glossy enrollment kit.

Pride in regularly buying books on varied topics, despite not completing even the ones purchased many years ago.

Pride in buying grocery only from a particular brand of supermarket chain, despite the fact that anything there costs 30% more than what’s available in the friendly neighbourhood grocery store.

Pride in having a haircut in the posh air-conditioned saloon (with diploma-holding hair stylists in neatly pressed uniform) in the mall every third week, despite the fact that what’s inside the head determines success / growth and not what grows outside!

Pride in enrolling both children (one boy and a girl, naturally) in an ‘International’ school that requires them to rush at 6.30 am in the morning for the 1 hour travel either way, which also – needless to say – costs 20% of one’s annual income, for just 2nd grade.

Pride in donating to three different globally acclaimed charities every year, despite the fact one’s own apartment security guard’s child couldn’t get notebooks for want of money!

Pride in remaining healthy despite indulging in everything like smoking, drinking and eating certified unhealthy foods, daily, which will eventually deal a deadly (literally) blow one fine day!

Pride in visiting a particular temple every Saturday in the traditional attire (specially preserved for that day), not knowing the truth that the Lord is smiling from every blooming flower and tail wagging stray that one passes without a glance every single day :O

With a nearly endless list of things trying to attract one’s attention, what’s still left there not to have Pride?

Unfortunately – especially for the god fearing type – the 7 deadly sins are directly associated with 7 demons, making anyone practicing – even nonchalantly, without harmful intent – any of the sins, pretty much a devil worshiper.

7DeadlySins19Ahem, that makes the Lusty ones fall in love with Asmodeus; the Gluttons salivate over Belphegor; the Greedy ones ceaselessly seek Mammon; the Sloths wake up thinking about Abaddon; the ones filled with Wrath worship Aamon; the Envious ones end up coveting Beelzebub & those whose heart swell with Pride surrender to none other than Lucifer himself. Whoa!

GarudaPuranam2Eastern scriptures too amplify the fear factor with books like Garuda Purana graphically describing the kind of punishments one will have to bear posthumously, for each and every sin committed in mortal Life and the kind of suffering one has to endure in future births. How about getting roasted crisply in a 6″ tawa with boiling oil, feeling the pain of a thousand needles piercing one’s skin through each and every blister? Gulp!

Hmmm… Fear somehow always seem to work. Even when sane words from the wise one who know, consistently fail to bring clarity to the cobweb covered mind!

Fear arises out of lack of knowledge, about anything unknown. We can’t comprehend darkness, so it is feared. Darkness, incidentally is omnipresent, unlike light. That makes it imperative to embrace, not fear it! But we humans are like that only, aren’t we?

Se7en16Now that one’s sufficiently afraid of the 7 deadly sins and their possible impact on one’s Life (assisted ably by the designated demons), it’s time to ponder if there’s a way out? Especially when it’s so hard for one to step totally away from sinning, when the entire human race seem to be in a perennial race to out-sin each other!

A sin is wrongful when it hurts someone else. That’s why all 7 of the aforesaid sins (and their many derivatives – The Mahayana Mahaparinirvana Sutra lists approximately 50 sins) are considered deadly.

What if something that one lusts for more and more doesn’t hurt anyone or isn’t gained at the expense of someone else? Would that still be a deadly sin?

7DeadlySins10What if one lusts for…

more money, to help the needy?

more food, to feed the hungry?

more fame, to shine the light on the downtrodden?

more power, to make this nation greater again?

7DeadlySins9What if one’s insatiable hunger is for more food for thought and not tummy? How can over-indulgence in books and over-consumption of media to gain deep knowledge on a subject so it can be shared with more fellow humans be a deadly sin?

7DeadlySins23What if an inordinate desire to acquire or possess more than one needs, is not meant for hoarding but rewarding those who strive to elevate themselves? Would acquiring wealth for giving away to brilliant but economically challenged students to continue their education and pursue their dream for a better Life be a sin?

7DeadlySins16What if one consciously remains lazy when [s]he is expected to hurt someone – through words or deeds? Would failure to do hurtful things to a fellow human, even at the peril of one’s own growth potentially coming to a grinding halt, because one chooses to not listen to the diktat of someone powerful or above, be still considered a sin?

7DeadlySins6What if inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger is towards injustice done in the name of rules and regulations that are designed to stall progress – especially of those who strive hard to elevate themselves from their decades long downtrodden existence? Would being upset about injustice and taking decisive action to correct / mend be considered a sin?

7DeadlySins3What if the insatiable desire is for knowing the truth, about the eternal Life question? Would being envious of the realized ones and coveting the blissful state they remain in forever be a sin?


Matrix1Isn’t it amazing how a simple change in perspective – from looking at something from the I-me-mine self(ish) point of view to that of the deserving-others – can swiftly flip a sin to asin (no, it’s not that almost forgotten heroine, but a term to be read like asathya or ahimsa)?

Wouldn’t such a refreshing change in perspective also turn the sins from deadly to lively?

Maskmovie4Let more and more people Lust for more money, food and fame so that more and more needy, hungry, downtrodden can be helped, fed and uplifted.

May more and more benevolent businesspersons lust for more wealth so they can spend hard earned millions for education and health of those who can’t afford either.

Matrix6Let more learners be gluttons over-indulging in gaining more knowledge so it can be shared with those who seek to know.

May more Ramanujas ascend temple towers to share (sacred) knowledge – even if it’s considered travesty and frowned upon by the high and mighty.

Sivaji4Let more economically endowed be greedy to lend a helping hand to those who aren’t.

May more upper middle class white collar workers strive to become wealthy so they can help those below middle class to step up the Life ladder.

Kamalhaasan9Let more social reformers become less active when it comes to doing things that may hurt the very society they try to reform.

May more activists and NGOs turn down their activism when they’re pushed by those in power to undertake acts intended to polarize or alienate one or more segments of society.


Sivaji2Let more silent observers be enraged by any injustice done to all kinds of beings – not just human.

May a million common men become intolerant to stones hurled at stray dogs; abusive language used against the have-nots; bottles and plastic bags thrown on the road from cars; riders without helmets jumping red signals; schools making young children carry rice sack sized school bags; places of worship preventing a segment of devotees from seeking divine grace; netas preaching selective secularism to polarize communities; utility companies providing sub-par service; cops not bothered about safety of riders (not wearing helmet, obviously) or law as long as they get their cut; restaurants and grocery stores charging more for less quantity or quality; hospitals demanding payment upfront for trauma care and more such mindless acts of many that’ll hurt the feelings of any!

Samyama7Let more seekers on the path of spirituality become envious about the realized beings who glimpsed the Truth and attained enlightenment.

May more humans realize that Life isn’t about accumulating more and more material wealth by expanding their reach outward, but knowing the purpose of Life and magnificence of being human by turning inward.

Kamalhaasan2Let more mighty and powerful take pride in where they’ve ascended to in this lifetime, while constantly thinking about how to improve lives and make the world a better place.

May more and more leaders be proud of the power they hold, and effectively use it to make their nation or faith or organization the shining beacon of hope for mankind once again.

SwachBharat1Each and every one of us can do our bit to make this change happen, because the only thing we have control over when it comes to change or transformation is the self!

Mahatma didn’t just say ‘Be the change that you want to see in the world,’ but also lived by what he said, in every possible way. That’s why the entire nation and a galaxy of leaders rallied behind him to gain freedom from occupiers!

7DeadlySins13If and when such a change happens because of us, would Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy & Pride be still 7 Deadly Sins? Heck, they may not even be considered Sins anymore!



When committed consciously without an iota of selfishness, without any intent to willfully hurt anyone, for the welfare of the needy or those who seek keenly
, whose perspiration alone doesn’t help them achieve their aspiration, who may never raise above their depressing downtrodden state without the generosity and kindness of those who have made it up a few rungs…

NayaganKamal2…every single one of the 7 deadly sins would simply transform into 7 Lively Sins!


SwamyProfile7aBe Joyful & Spread the Cheer 🙂

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