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Swamystery in 2014!

31 Dec Realization

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for Swamystery blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,100 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

From Ordinary to Extra Ordinary!

25 Feb

If you’ve read the title of the post at least one more time just to check if it’s right, be assured you aren’t alone. ‘Ordinary to Extraordinary’ is one of my Master’s many discourses (all are available as DVDs, Audio CDs or in digital form here) and the title of this post is its core message. Hmm… since I sense a few raised eyebrows already, let Swamy clarify it his way!

We all read, hear, know about extraordinary accomplishments by ordinary or extraordinary individuals or teams, time and again. Some of you may’ve even been a part of some of them (no, I’m pretty sure I haven’t been, at least not yet). But our typical human sense (many call it – overrated – 6th sense and some – honestly – nonsense) of getting overawed by anything and everything that we haven’t (or can’t or wouldn’t) done ourselves won’t let us see through them clearly enough to comprehend, understand and appreciate how they had to step down first to step up eventually.

Ordinary to Extra Ordinary is willing to step down from the high pedestal.

BhagavadGitaArjuna always thought of Krishna as his friend, until the day when he stood in front of his blood brothers and elders with the Hobson’s choice of obliterating them. The moment he climbed down from the high pedestal of the extraordinary archer who can annihilate any opposition and bowed down before Lord Krishna for clarity, not only did he get Vishwaroopa darshan of the Lord and cleared away the cobwebs in his mind, but the world also got the great treatise Bhagavad Gita!


Ordinary to Extra Ordinary is willing to let go. 

GautamaBuddhaPrince Sidhartha was born with a proverbial silver spoon and hasn’t known anything about ordinary Life and people, until the day he left the life of extraordinary wealth and indulgence behind and sat under the Bodhi tree to contemplate inwards and comprehend the truth about Life, transforming into Gautama the Buddha!


Ordinary to Extra Ordinary is willing to change. 

Oscar2A billion people the world over (including yours truly) are tuned into the Oscar awards ceremony today. Most winners of this coveted award have got nominated only when they chose to shed the extraordinary halo of super stardom to don the roles of the rest of us. George Clooney with all starry stuff completely peeled off – still awesome & charming of course – and got a well deserved Oscar nomination for ‘The Descendants’! Hugh the Wolverine Jackman in ‘Les Miserabes’ is disheveled and even cries, which should help him stand up against the colossal Daniel the Oscar Day-Lewis for the ‘Best Actor’ award this year!

Ordinary to Extra Ordinary is putting others ahead of the self.

MSDhoni_Sixer_WCFinalMahendra K(S)ing(h) Dhoni (the newspaper subeditors sure know how to churn out captivating titles for news stories), is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated, adored and discussed about cricketers of our times. His captaincy may be a topic of debate for some time, but his accomplishments as the extraordinary leader of the Indian cricket team are second to none. One of his most enduring traits is to remain calm and composed under any circumstances – on the ground or off it. And he never forgets to put the team in front of his own accomplishments and is known to step back leaving his team to enjoy the spoils of (m)any great victory. He’s well on the way to becoming the best captain ever!

Ordinary to Extra Ordinary is acceptance of change, that’s inevitable.

Avengers‘The Avengers’ is last year’s most successful movie where many larger than life egos, oops… heroes, err… superheroes came together to save the world from an alien invasion. Each one of them has extraordinary powers and can exterminate enemies on their own (they all have their own movie franchises, naturally), but to face their most powerful enemy (until Part 2, of course), they’ve to shed the ‘I’ (not an easy thing to do even for not-so-heroes, forget superheroes doing it) to become ‘We’.


Ordinary to Extra Ordinary is pushing the boundaries and daring to go beyond them.

VairagyaWhen I first heard Sadhguru’s ‘Ordinary to Extraordinary’ message, it was fascinating (his wordplay is better than the best swordplay). But even after several years of diligent practice of Isha Yoga, the magnitude of the message didn’t fully sink in, until I started the Shivanga sadhana (you can read about it in this post) this year (will reach out to some of you for completing one of the steps in that process, which should be done before Mahashivarathri day on March 10). It’s a focused attempt to make us shed the “I” shades to see ‘Life the way it is’ with absolute clarity, comprehend it better, appreciate its natural magnificence and live it joyfully with a sense of gratitude, offering unconditional love and sharing whatever we know with others to let them grow and glow.

In essence, it’s a valuable lesson on how to step up to the possibility of being and doing something extraordinary in Life by stepping down from Ordinary to Extra Ordinary (ahem, that’s less than even ordinary)!


Love + Gratitude = @PrakashSwamy

Be Joyful & Spread the Cheer 🙂

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What’s Your EMM?

27 Aug

My better-half is the real better half of the two halves in many ways. Her energy is boundless, focus is laser sharp, follow-up is fervent, multi-tasking is mindboggling, kindness is unconditional and complete selflessness is spellbinding. When Jr. makes it to the podium as World Champion (he’s a Chess pro) some day, I wouldn’t think twice before pointing the press & media her way as all credit will have to be rightfully hers. I would’ve been somebody in this society, if I had even 1/3rd of her traits. Yet, for all her great qualities, there’s one thing that never failed to perplex me.

There are times when she sits almost still in front of the TV when some stupid (it’s not called Idiot box for nothing) program is running, with a blissful smile on her face. She’s not one of those home makers whose lives are entwined with the whining stories (if there’s any) of never-ending soaps. She doesn’t watch sports irrespective of whether it is the IPL or Olympics (she might if they ever broadcast a Chess championship, which might happen when either they rename the sport as Cricket or the Sun rises in the west)! She isn’t a big movie fan either. We never have to fight for the remote as I’ve a separate home theatre setup (natural for a Hollywood movie & all things HD buff like me), but this one was a real Sherlock case for me & I decided to unravel the mystery (without either the hat or Mr.Watson by my side, of course).

The programs that she watched (or appeared to watch to be accurate) weren’t the same, but fell under 3 categories.

  • Talk (more Shout) shows where family members shamelessly wash dirty linen in the studio – with a generous helping by the host (usually in an ill-fitting suit, with untucked shirt) who usually adds a generous amount of fuel to the fire by pushing them to throw more dirt on each other. These shows are typically concluded by a few self-proclaimed experts (according to the host) who liberally advise all present in studio with their wiser-than-thou views, which may offend not only the mud-slinger participants but also the viewers.
  • Dancing or Singing competitions that torment kids & grownups alike, usually with out-of-circulation starlets or masters with horrendous sense of dress or style as judges. Someone – usually the host / ess – will always howl ‘oooh’ whenever the judges speak. And the dancers – invariably wearing garish make-up and plastic smile – will pretend to wait with bated breath for the expert verdict, delivered using language that’ll drive purists to Seppuku.
  • Comedy scenes from movies, where the comedians really try way too hard to make the viewers laugh. The daily comics in the newspapers do it effortlessly. May be none of these comedians read any comics! Or watched the classics with effervescent Chaplin or evergreen Tom & Jerry. It’s not about the faces or noises, stupid!

Now that the investigator in me has dug up so much vital information, the engineer took over and got down to the task of analyzing the hard facts in front of me and tried putting together the pieces of the puzzle. It was as futile as me trying to solve the Rubic’s cube, which I could at least dismantle and put back together. Ishikawa San and Monsieur De Bono were further taunting me with their wonderful tools to decipher this complex scenario. I also pondered about 5-Why, before deciding to give it a rest, as I have no intention to contest for Clooney’s greypularity, as other than being humans on the wrong side of 40 with, well, grey hair, we don’t have much in common anyway!

The Eureka moment happened on a weekend afternoon (oh, don’t have any wild imagination as there’s no bathtub in my home). It was just another day in paradise (my home, naturally) and I was drying clothes. This is a chore I willingly take upon (a minuscule one compared to the household chores my better-half handles on a daily basis) and do meticulously. After about 15 minutes into drying clothes, it suddenly dawned upon me (despite being a cloudy day) that I was almost thoughtless during that time. My mind was blank. Empty, actually. I ran like a mad man to my woman and asked her if that’s how she felt when watching TV. More like, looking through the idiot box. She just smiled and nodded!

So, there it is. The ‘Empty Mind Moment’ or EMM in Millennialspeak. A still moment that empties pointless thoughts. A clear moment that cleans the clutter in our minds. A draining moment that sucks away the cobwebs that clog our mind. A bare moment that dares us to think different. One that defocuses all deliberations and refreshes the brain to refocus on what’s necessary and important. Every one of us have our EMMs. The idiot box switches on the EMM for my lady love. Drying clothes flutter and awaken my EMM. You too must have one, obviously. So, What’s your EMM?


ஸ்வாமியின் தமிழ் பதிவுகள்

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