About PrakashSwamy

@PrakashSwamy at Kailash - Lord Shiva's abode.

@PrakashSwamy at Kailash – Lord Shiva’s abode.

When Life recycles Time, Present becomes Past in Future!” ~ SwamyQuote by @PrakashSwamy

Seeker enchanted by Life – the way it is, in pursuit direct perception + experience of Reality, aka the Truth!

Survived the IT services industry for 23 years & gladly bid farewell to 9-x survival madness in 2015.

Contemplates deeper questions like “Who am I”, “What’s the purpose of human Life”, “How to realise the Truth”; writes hymns, blogs & books; reads about the pursuit of Truth & meditates – not necessarily in that order. 

Raises funds to educate needy kids, blogs to share, coaches & mentors to care and enables fellow humans through experiential learning programs.

Lives life one moment at a time with a loving family that includes his significant half, a future GrandMaster & two adorable tail wagging daughters. Marvels at the myriad hues, forms, shapes and sizes of Life and expresses that joy through writing. Learns from all beings and tries to be a Gardener for human seeds & saplings aspiring to blossom.

Be Joyful & Spread the Cheer 🙂

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