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Lovely Emotion!

16 Dec

“But then what is the definition of love.. emotions reflect love ain’t it?”

The question was raised by an acquaintance, as a response to this quote by the Realised Master J Krishnamurti.

Since humans are proven masters in misunderstanding pretty much everything in existence due to their overt reliance on the grossly overrated extra sense, and it’s a question that might have arisen in quite a few minds, at some point in time, in their miserable existence on the survival plane, I’ve decided to share my response to that acquaintance, with anyone who still cares to read – to know!

Disclaimer: Swamy’s pov on emotions & love is primarily based on his Master’s (Sadhguru) teachings and contemplations based on his own personal experience 🙌😌🙏

When emotional, Humans react to events and people, don’t respond to the situation.


Reaction mostly tends to be harmful, both to the individual who is reacting to an incident or person(s) who may’ve caused it and those at the receiving end. This can be observed anywhere, by anyone, on the survival plane of existence.

Since humans are emotional beings by design, smarter humans effectively exploit this dimension to achieve whatever they desire, from the not-so smarter emotionally charged humans. Examples would be politicians amplifying communal passions to win elections and corporates exploiting employees’ desire for success to rake in profits and even family members getting whatever they want through emotional blackmail.

This is what JK is pointing to in the second part of the Quote.

An emotional person can be stirred to hatred, to war, to butchery.” ~JK

The love that we generally refer to is the filmy kind that is hilariously superficial, extremely subjective and obviously biased.


So, however emotionally attached a person is to those who s/he loves, it’ll always be limited to only those select set of people. If you find it hard to digest (it really is, trust me), let’s ask these questions to ourselves…

  • Will we ever treat a servant maid as an actual family member..?
  • Can we ever treat all the classmates of our children as our own..?
  • Is there even one instance in our lifetime, when we treated a street dog exactly as our own pet dog..?
For most humans, the answer to all those questions will be a resounding NO. That’s why, even though we may treat the servant maid respectfully as a fellow human and have fun with our child’s classmates during parties and never hurt a stray dog willfully (and may even feed them occasionally), this isn’t true love at all. Despite the significant emotional investment made by us, our love is always conditional, limited and subjective.

That what JK implies in the first part of the Quote. 🤘

However, on the spiritual plane, emotion can be effectively utilised as a path to liberation, known as Bakthi yoga. This Bakthi is not the puja performing, temple visiting kind that’s in practice today, but letting go of oneself in devotion to a God or Guru or even a cause. It’s essence is captured better in தமிழ், i.e. நான் என்ற உணர்வு முற்றிலுமாய்க் “கரைந்து போதல்.”

When one attains that identity-less state, then everything in existence becomes divine in one’s perception and the expression of love towards every being will be pure, unconditional and unbiased. This அன்பே சிவம் state is the true nature of the divine. That’s the kind of love seekers receive from a Realised Master (Guru), from time immemorial. 🙌😇🙏

On a related (and slightly lighter) note, here’s a blog Swamy has published a while ago, on Love of course, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, one of those typically silly western style day-based celebrations. 🙄

This was certainly after Swamy got initiated into Spirituality by his Master, 😌 but haven’t yet got fully immersed into seeking the Truth. 😂👇

Oh btw, my Master repeatedly says that one of the Guru’s most important actions to the seekers is to constantly deflate their ego. Having experienced it first hand, many times, I know it’s a hard but very effective way to enable the seeker’s progress along the spiritual path. So, it’s no surprise that right after I’ve given my perspective on emotions and love, JK himself responded to not only clarify what he said about emotion and love (through the daily email I receive from the Krishnamurti Foundation), but also to ensure my ego isn’t inflated by my explanation of Lovely Emotion! 🤔😂🙌



What role has emotion in life?

~J Krishnamurti

How do emotions come into being? Very simple. They come into being through stimuli, through the nerves. You put a pin into me, I jump; you flatter me and I am delighted; you insult me and I don’t like it. Through our senses emotions come into being. And most of us function through our emotion of pleasure; obviously, sir. You like to be recognized as a Hindu. Then you belong to a group, to a community, to a tradition, however old; and you like that, with the Gita, the Upanishads and the old traditions, mountain high. And the Muslim likes his and so on. Our emotions have come into being through stimuli, through environment, and so on. It is fairly obvious.

What role has emotion in life? Is emotion life? You understand? Is pleasure love? Is desire love? If emotion is love, there is something that changes all the time. Right? Don’t you know all that?

… So one has to realize that emotions, sentiment, enthusiasm, the feeling of being good, and all that have nothing whatsoever to do with real affection, compassion. All sentiment, emotions have to do with thought and therefore lead to pleasure and pain. Love has no pain, no sorrow, because it is not the outcome of pleasure or desire.


So the next time you’re all set to explode into an emotionally charged destructive reaction, take a deep breath and contemplate for a moment what your constructive response could be, to that situation. You’ll be surprised that the outcome could be a ‘Lovely Emotion!

Be Joyful 😇 & Spread the Cheer 🌻

~Swamy | @PrakashSwamy


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