An Ode’ to a Leader who truly Led by example!

12 Jun

My tread down the poetry lane after a very long time is an Ode’ to a Leader who truly Led by example with his impeccable professionalism and textbook Leadership style!

I return to chime…
After a very long time!
With this blog post as an Ode’
To a Leader who taught Leadership with Lime!

He can sprint with ease a Marathon,
Juggling a million things in parallel with the attitude of bring it on!
He will leave many a follower gasping for breath
Making them wonder what the heck is going on!

He always runs a tight ship,
While keenly watching out for that odd blip!
Never letting go anything unnoticed
His phenomenal eye for detail provides a firm grip!

With his focus always fixed on the bird’s eye,
He can raise the bar for everyone else so high!
An exceptional strategist who can also
Analyze with consummate ease operational details like 5-Why!

A down to Earth Leader with knowledge deep as Ocean and bountiful as a mine,
His Fiery passion lets anything he touches shine!
With no Airs he occupies any functional  with ease
And creates value as worthy as vintage wine!

I’m elated to dedicate this blog post,
To the One who truly Led by example, as the Academy’s provost!
The ‘5 Elements of Leadership‘ is my Ode’
To a Leader whose association I’ll cherish the most!

Happy Day :-) Thank you for investing time in this Swamystery post. Please take a moment to reflect on what you've gained and kindly leave a comment.

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