Just another day in paradise!

18 Apr

Today was the birthday of this soul 42 years ago at the temple town that never sleeps and known for it’s ruling Goddess, 2 of the 6 padaiveedus of her younger Commander-in-Chief son, fragrant Jasmine, roadside Eateries serving piping hot gourmet dishes with a smile anytime of the day, branded Goli soda and nurturing of the Tamil language for ages from the Sangam period.


111 (at last count) wishes have poured in, for someone who doesn’t give a damn about wishes and also wrote a blog about wishing! Which makes one wonder about this dogged obsession of people to wish one another on different days, especially on birthday!

What has one done to deserve a wish on that particular day, which is just a bookmark in anyone’s long winding, occasionally joyful, otherwise painful journey called Life, which after all is just the aftermath of karma accumulated in the past lives, according to Sanathana Dharma, otherwise known popularly as Hinduism!

Of course there are days that are certainly worth celebrating. In Life’s long history, such as…

  • The haloed one in 528 BC when a prince got enlightened and became the Buddha
  • March 10, 1876, when a bearded scientist called his assistant in the adjoining room over an acoustic device
  • September 11, 1893, when a young Swami from Bengal made a historic speech in far away cold Chicago that warmed up the hearts of millions across the world
  • May 29, 1953, when a Nepali Sherpa and a Newzealander shocked the world by standing atop the world’s highest peak
  • May 6, 1954, when a British runner stunningly cracked the sub 4-minute mile…
  • April 12, 1961, when a human defied gravity and flew around the globe for the first time

Or the day when an apple fell on a scientist’s head… when a wall dividing two sides of a nation was demolished to unite them again… when a certain loincloth wearing lawyer freed a great nation sans any violence… when a biscuit maker’s son took his 800th wicket…

Those are days worth celebrating, forever. But the day of birth of a mere mortal, who hasn’t made a dent in the universe yet?

“Ah, c’mon. When did your cup become half empty?”, said a voice from within. At once, the compulsive optimist in me sprung to life again and nudged me to find at least one valid reason to celebrate. I promptly obliged and here are two!

First historical, for present is past in future and who knows how this soul will be remembered in future! I was told many a times that my grandfather used to call me Apolloer & here’s why – The spacecraft Apollo 13 apparently landed safely on earth exactly on the day I was born. So let me humbly take credit for ensuring it’s safe landing, which can only be attributed to my birth! Or the birth of all Arians who were born on that day, anywhere in this world.

And the second is spiritual. What’s a Swamystery blog without at least a sprinkling of spirituality? If death is considered the ultimate liberation from this Life, wretched or otherwise, then every birthday is a not-so-gentle reminder that we’re one more year closer to liberation. And that in my view dear readers, is certainly worth celebrating. May everyone wish to their heart’s content anyone who is closer to liberation – knowingly or otherwise!

But for the enlightened souls who figured out Life as an endless beginning and chose to guide those who dared to at least dip their feet in the vast spiritual ocean, to accept Life as it is, any day – birthday or not – remains just another day in paradise!

8 Responses to “Just another day in paradise!”

  1. mathivanane April 21, 2012 at 1:36 am #

    Friend, I must a leave a message here which certainly a gift for your birthday; you know the reason 🙂 😉

    Well written blog (I have not understood anything in that about life and that is a different story). But, the world will appreciate your wor(l)d and give meaning later days. Like

    Do you anyone know why “coffee” was named “coffee” or “moon” is named “moon” – It just happened (No patent-ing those days!!! Lucky we are – else we will be paying royalties for calling so) – we just used (no fliers or brochures) – which is what is life is all about – live, feel, breathe as much as possible 🙂 🙂 Be happy…

    Is this my first blog comment ? May be !!! 🙂 🙂

  2. A Ekanthalingam April 18, 2012 at 4:32 pm #

    Wow!!! Great post Prakash! I loved your post despite my totally oppositve view point on the need to celebrate in life. It was very helpful to know and relive certain moments that are worthwhile to celebrate (caused by fellow humans). You are solely responsible for Apollo landing safely and nobody dare take credit for it 🙂
    About your point on getting closer to death, I recall the famous dialogue of super star “Sagara Naal Therinja Vaazhara Naal Naragam Aagum” 🙂

    Wishing you many many more years of happy and peaceful life!

  3. Srithika April 18, 2012 at 4:02 pm #

    Damn good food for thought – Death is only a manifestation of liberation – if it was the ultimate liberation, every quest for liberation can easily be quenched through suicide…So it surely is not. If it was, then every soul born can be assured of it! I say this this only to add to your views and not contradict. Being detached’ly’ attached and attached’ly’ detached works for me ! 😉 Like you have said earlier, being in the ‘Now’, enjoying each of those 111+ wishes to the fullest and basking in the glory of good wishes – aware of its transient nature, is sure enough to give you the ‘bliss’…
    I think the first few seconds of ‘cup half empty’ feeling must have mostly been triggered by your incessant cough and sore throat! 😉

  4. Sangeetha Shriraam April 18, 2012 at 3:55 pm #

    Swamystery series is getting interesting.. Good one. Indeed life is a paradise and its another day for all of us to enjoy. 🙂 Loved reading on Sanathana Dharma and “Nan Yar” by Ramana Maharishi. Also enjoyed listening to Phil Collins after a long time.. the song is an all time favourite. 🙂

  5. Anand S April 18, 2012 at 3:37 pm #

    excellent Prakash..so it just another day at the end 🙂 ?


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