Endless Beginning!

29 Mar

Everything that has a beginning must end at some point in time. Really?


Faith the 2-legged dog

Sun rises on the East, moves from horizon to horizon, evaporates water, makes people sweat, lets the world glow during twilight, and sets on the West. Cycles ends for one part of the world, when it just starts for the other.

Seeds sown, watered, fertilized, weeds removed, grain harvested, packed and shipped. Cycle starts with seeds and ends with grain, but new seeds are sown soon for the next cycle.

Babies are born, suckle, cry, drink, eat, crawl, grow, walk, play, go to school (aw, shucks!), study, grow, ride cycle, study, play with daddy’s smart phone, study, study, go to college, infatuate, study, tweet, update FB status, buy bike, join G+ circles, watch YouTube videos, fall in love, get a job, marry, buy stuff, fight, buy car, change jobs, divorce (some, of course), buy house, make babies, burn out, think about retiring, practice yoga, marry off their children, retire (sort of), grow old, die. Cycle ends. But the cycle also starts with new babies, all over the world, all over again.

Stuff is bought. Watched, ridden, worn, driven & enjoyed with awe for a few days. Cherished for a few weeks or months. Exist along with hundreds of other stuff in the house for a while. Gather dust when replaced with new stuff (hardly any leave the house though – what’s that loft or garage for!). Cycle ends for old stuff when it just begins for new stuff.

Take anything in Life, observe and listen, without analyzing too much with too little knowledge we possess. Think. Do everything that has a beginning end at some point in time, really?

Life is one long, fun-filled, shocking, educative, adventurous, heart wrenching, cherished, teary eyed, memorable, heartwarming, joyful, soul stirring, enchanting, Endless Beginning. Don’t complain. Have faith. Just live it!

15 Responses to “Endless Beginning!”

  1. prakashswamy March 29, 2012 at 6:09 pm #

    Well, the point of this post is, there is no definitive dividing line or boundary between end & beginning, thereby everything becoming an endless beginning, forever. Did you check the other link on Faith? You should! ‘Life the way it is’ is what I’ve learnt from my Master B)

  2. Sangeetha Shriraam March 29, 2012 at 5:49 pm #

    Very true that everything that has a beginning, end at some point in time. It is the cycle of change. 🙂

    Loved the u-tube video link provided – From Birth to Death Walk Cycle

    Life is beautiful and we should live every moment! 🙂


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