When FINE isn’t Fine!

12 Mar

‘How are you doing?’

‘I’m fine, how about you?’

Casual conversation we have or hear on a daily basis. When was the last time you heard someone say ‘I’m not fine’? Probably never!


But changing times, economic and environmental, may soon lead us to respond, probably with an acute case of bruxism accompanied by a clenched fist, ‘I AM NOT FINE’!

When you’re Freaked out by unexpected results from either your or someone else’s actions…

When you feel very Insecure about meeting the impossible expectations piling up on your plate…

When you turn Neurotic about crossing improbable milestones within unrealistic timelines…

When you become an Emotional wreck when everything seems to be going haywire and none going your way…

I knew FINE isn’t Fine anymore, when Mark Wahlberg told Charlize Theron in The Italian Job, that being FINE is Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional.

When one starts chasing What, How and When relentlessly, without thinking about Why, FINE isn’t Fine!

When mission accomplished becomes the obsession, without realizing the collateral damage it’ll cost, FINE isn’t Fine!

When “I” becomes the all encompassing mushroom cloud in anything and everything we do, bringing the environment around us under a suffocating nuclear winter that sucks the Life out slowly and painfully, FINE isn’t Fine!

Be vigilant to keep your beautiful Life Fine and don’t become a vigilante and end up making it FINE for everyone instead – including yourself!

5 Responses to “When FINE isn’t Fine!”

  1. Ananth Krishnan March 13, 2012 at 12:41 am #

    The problem is your response to the question ‘How are you’ has more to do with those around you than the respondent himself. In life in order for you to bring smile in other’s face you utter a word or two that you know is a lie but you still do. I am sure you get back home after a taxing schedule in the office and just when you felt you’d hit the sack early your beloved son/daughter pestures to spend time playing a game or some sorts would you ignore ? I bet you’d not… Because, in life you spend most of it bringing smiles in others…

    • prakashswamy March 13, 2012 at 12:50 am #

      Of course. Most of us wear a facade to make FINE look Fine. But we don’t realize the truth (consciously avoiding the term fact here) that we’re endowed with the ability to perceive no difference between Fine & FINE and accept them as is!


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